Draft Transport and Streets SPD

Transport and Streets Draft SPD

1.0 Introduction

1.1.1 The quality of the borough's streets is of national renown and, along with the cultural and commercial centres of the borough, it is a key factor in making Kensington and Chelsea such an attractive place. Protecting and enhancing this heritage is a key objective for the Council and developers. Ensuring that new development does not worsen traffic and parking congestion is a key part of this. Given that the majority of the borough's streets were designed and laid out before the advent of the car this is a challenge, despite borough residents having some of the lowest levels of car ownership in the country.

1.1.2 In the context of this demanding environment, this Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is written to help applicants make successful planning applications. In particular it provides further information and guidance in support of Core Strategy policies CT1 (Improving Alternatives to Car Use), CR1 (Street Network), CR3 (Street and Outdoor Life), CR4 (Streetscape), CR7 (Servicing), CE6 (Noise and Vibration) and CL6 (Small-scale Alterations and Additions).

1.1.3 Once adopted, following public consultation, this SPD will form a material consideration in planning decisions. The SPD will replace and update the guidance set out in the Transport SPD (2008) and replace the parking standards set out in the Council's Unitary Development Plan (2002). It will also provide additional guidance on those streetscape matters that relate to development.