Adopted Subterranean Development SPD

This SPD has been produced to highlight the key planning considerations to be addressed at the earliest stage of preparing proposals and planning applications for subterranean developments. The figure below highlights the key requirements to be addressed in the planning proposal and makes reference to the sections of the SPD where these issues are discussed in greater detail. The SPD also highlights where basements are permitted development and therefore may not require planning permission; identifies the key contact details; provides guidance for neighbours and provides some examples of Conditions which might be attached to certain planning approvals.

In places, this SPD refers to Arup's Subterranean Development Scoping Study, June 2008, which also provides further guidance on the issues beyond the remit of planning, such as construction techniques. Further information on the legislation beyond the remit of planning is included in Appendix E of this SPD.

Since the publication of Arup's Scoping Study, the government has revised the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO), which makes certain types of development, including many basement extensions, permitted development. Permitted development does not require planning permission and therefore beyond the control of the planning system, although these developments are potentially subject to the control of the Building Control Body and Environmental Health.

However, this SPD is still important as many subterranean developments in the Borough require planning permission. These applications for planning permission will be determined in accordance with the Unitary Development Plan and London Plan policies, together with this and other Supplementary Planning Documents, unless other material considerations suggest otherwise. This SPD is also useful as a best practice guide for those basements which do not require planning permission.


This consultation has now closed.

The Coucil has adopted Subterranean Development SPD. You can download a copy below.

See Subterranean Development SPD webpage for more detials.

Information about adopted Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance (SPDs and SPGs) is available at RBKC SPDs and SPGs.



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