Housing Core Strategy Review Issues and Options

Housing Issues and Options

6 How to respond to this Issues and Options Document

6.1         This document brings forward a number of housing issues for discussion which the Council consider are pertinent to review. However, there may be other housing issues that you are aware of which are not covered or sufficiently addressed. There is a comments box at the end of the document where there is an opportunity to identify a particular housing issue in RBKC and discuss its implications. However, the planning system cannot influence every aspect of housing policy and the issues raised in this document are the ones where the Council consider that the direction of planning policy could have some useful effect. 

6.2         A number of options are identified for each issue together with the possible advantages and disadvantages, although the list is not exhaustive. It should be stressed that the Council is not advocating any particular choice or direction, but has only included pros and cons because this may assist in making an informed choice. There are also likely to be many variations on a particular option - if you consider that the variation may form the basis for a more finely tuned policy then there is the opportunity to mention it in the box below. There is a tick box so that you can make your preferred option clear together with the box to provide further comments. The box also enables other options to be identified which have not been mentioned although it would be helpful to give a reason why you are advocating a particular option backed up by appropriate evidence if you have it.