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Local Plan Partial Review - Examination

Ends: 30 Mar 2018

The Council is undertaking a Partial Review of its existing Local Plan known as the Local Plan Partial Review.

On Friday 5 May 2017 the Council submitted the Local Plan Partial Review and supporting documents to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent examination by the Planning Inspectorate.

Regulation 22 Statement of Submission

Previous consultations

Whilst this webpage is being hosted on the Council's Planning Policy Consultations website, it is not a 'normal' consultation. The Council has previously considered consultation feedback on  'Issues and Options' (1st stage), 'Draft Policies' (2nd stage) and 'Publication Policies' (3rd stage).

Consultation responses received at the Publication Policies (3rd stage) have been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. It is for the Inspector to consider these comments and to request further statements from respondents as he thinks fit.

Programme Officer

Andrea Copsey has been appointed as the Programme Officer for this examination. She has been appointed to deal with procedural, administrative and programming matters for the examination. She is the first point of contact for any person who has made representations to the Publication Policies stage and will act as a liaison point between the Council, the Inspector and examination participants. Her contact details are:

  • Email:
  • Mobile: 0784 2643 988
  • Postal address: Examination Office, Longcroft Cottage, Bentley Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO16 9BX


Mike Hayden BSc(Hons) DipTP MRTPI has been appointed as the Inspector to conduct the examination.

What are the next steps?

Notice of Hearings

The Inspector will hold a series of public examination hearings focussing on key issues. The hearings will take place on 27th and 28th February, and the 1st, 2nd, 12th, 15th and 16th March 2018. All sessions will start at 10 am unless otherwise notified. The hearings will take place at the Small Hall, Kensington Town Hall, Horton Street, London, W8 7NX. The notice of hearings can be found below:

CED008 - Notice of Hearings

A full programme for the hearings, a list of the matters, issues and questions to be discussed and a guidance note for participants has been issued by the Inspector on 9 January 2018. These documents can be found in the Table of Examination Documents below

Further Proposed Modifications (11 October 2017)

In light of the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017 and in response to petitions from the local community in North Kensington, the Council decided to suspend current estate regeneration projects in the borough and propose some changes called 'Further Proposed Modifications' (CED004) to the Local Plan Partial Review.  The Inspector agreed to pause the examination of the Partial Review and postpone the hearings (which will now take place in late February/early March 2018 as set out above) to enable the Council to prepare changes to the Plan. This was confirmed in examination document IED002 Letter from the Programme Officer - Postponement of Hearings. A number of the submitted evidence base documents have also been updated which are available from the Document Index below, dated October 2017.

Essentially, the Further Proposed Modifications propose to:

  • Delete Site Allocation CA2 Barlby-Treverton;
  • Delete Site Allocation CA5 Silchester Estates and Chapter 7 Latimer;
  • Delete Site Allocation CA8 Warwick Road Estate;
  • Revert emerging new Policy CH5 Estate Regeneration back to the existing adopted Local Plan Policy CH4/5 Estate Renewal.
  • Make consequential amendments arising from the above; and
  • Commit the Council to an early review of the Local Plan, at least in part, to consider issues related to North Kensington, the Latimer 'Place', estate regeneration and housing supply, to be adopted within five years of the Local Plan Partial Review's adoption. This would be expected to commence some time in 2018 and be undertaken in accordance with the Council's commitment that any future estate regeneration projects would be co-designed with the community and put to a binding vote.

Call for Further Participants (11 October - 17 November 2017)

It is normally the case in law that only those people who responded to the Publication Policies consultation (February to March 2017) are able to participate formally in the examination.

However, in light of the Further Proposed Modifications mentioned above, the Inspector and the Council agreed to invite further Participants with an interest in the Further Proposed Modifications to take part in the examination, through written statements and/or through participation in the oral hearings. 

The 'Call for Further Participants closed on 17 November 2017. The responses received have been collated and can be viewed by following the links below -

Document Index

Table of Examination documents

Documents arising from the examination will be uploaded here as the examination progresses.

ID Title Date

Introductory Letter from Programme Officer

26 May 2017

Inspector's Initial Questions to Council

31 May 2017

Council's Response to Inspector's Initial Questions

19 June 2017

Letter from Programme Officer - Postponement of Hearings

8 August 2017

Leader's Speech by Elizabeth Campbell, 19 July 2017

11 October 2017

Letter from the Council - Further Proposed Modifications and Call for Further Participants

11 October 2017

Further Proposed Modifications

11 October 2017

Email from the Council - Extended Time for Call for Further Participants

24 October 2017
CED006 Letter from the Council to Estate Residents - Further Proposed Modifications and Call for Further Participants 24 October 2017
CED007 Mayor of London - Letter of Conformity 2 November 2017
CED008 Notice of Hearings 15 December 2017
IED003 Examination Guidance Notes 9 January 2018
IED004 Hearings Programme 9 January 2018
IED005 Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQs) (Responses as explained in the Examination Guidance Notes (IED003) should be submitted to the Programme Officer by 12.00 noon on Friday 9 February 2018) 9 January 2018

Submission documents

The documents submitted to the Planning Inspectorate are listed below.

ID Title Date

Submission Cover Letter

May 2017
SUB2 Unitary Development Plan (UDP) Extant Policies May 2002

Consolidated Local Plan

This is the existing adopted Local Plan which the Local Plan Partial Review proposes to change

July 2015

Issues and Options consultation document

December 2015

Publication Policies

This is the main Local Plan Partial Review document

February 2017

Proposed Modifications

May 2017

Submission - Consultation Statement

This document summarises the consultation undertaken for the Draft Policies (Regulation 18) stage and also includes summaries of the comments on the Publication Policies (Regulation 19) consultation

May 2017

Publication Policies - Consultation Schedules

This document sets out all of the consultation comments on the Publication Policies (Regulation 19) consultation and the Council's response

Updated on 11 May 2017 to include 3x representations on Objective CO6 and 1x representation on CH1, all already referenced in SUB7 Consultation Statement

May 2017
SUB9 Letter of General Conformity with the London Plan (Greater London Authority) March 2017
SUB10 Legal Compliance Checklist May 2017
SUB10.1 Legal Compliance Checklist October 2017
SUB11 Soundness Self-Assessment Checklist May 2017
SUB11.1 Soundness Self-Assessment Checklist October 2017
SUB12 Statement of Community Involvement (SCI): Involving People in Planning December 2013

Monitoring Report 2016

December 2016
SUB14 Local Development Scheme (LDS) May 2017
  Chapters 1-4 Vision and Strategic Objectives  
SUB15 Policy Formulation Report - Vision and Strategic Objectives (including Planning Enforcement) May 2017
SUB16 The Future of Our Community: The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Community Strategy 2008-2018 (Kensington & Chelsea Partnership) 2008
SUB17 Ambitious for Tomorrow 2014-2018 December 2014
  Chapters 5-27 Places and Site Allocations  
SUB18 Policy Formulation Report - Places and Site Allocations May 2017
SUB18.1 Policy Formulation Report - Places and Site Allocations October 2017
SUB19 Kensal Canalside Development Infrastructure Funding Study (DIFS) (PBA) [18MB] October 2016
SUB20 Kensal Canalside and North Pole Transport Study (PBA) [37MB] October 2016
SUB21 North Pole Depot and Kensal Gasworks Valuation Study (DTZ) July 2014
SUB22 Development Uplift and Infrastructure Study for Kensal Opportunity Area (Cushman & Wakefield) September 2015

Considerations for Estate Regeneration Proposals - Silchester East and West WITHDRAWN

January 2017 October 2017


Considerations for Estate Regeneration Proposals - Treverton Estate WITHDRAWN

January 2017 October 2017


Considerations for Estate Regeneration Proposals - Warwick Road Estate WITHDRAWN

January 2017 October 2017

SUB26 Flood Risk Sequential Test February 2017
SUB26.1 Flood Risk Sequential Test October 2017
  Chapter 28 Proposals Map  
SUB27 Publication Policies - Proposals Map [20MB] February 2017
SUB27.1 Proposals Map [11MB] October 2017
SUB28 Publication Policies - Proposals Map - List of Changes and Inset Maps February 2017
SUB28.1 Proposals Map - List of Changes and Inset Maps October 2017
  Chapter 29 Policies and Actions  
SUB29 Policy Formulation Report - Infrastructure and Planning Contributions May 2017
SUB30 Local Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) Update May 2017
SUB30.1 Local Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) Update October 2017
  For Planning Enforcement, see above Chapters 1-4 Vision and Strategic Objectives  
  Chapter 31 Fostering Vitality  
SUB31 Policy Formulation Report - Fostering Vitality May 2017
SUB32 Shops and Centres Background Paper [22MB] December 2015
SUB33 Retail and Leisure Needs Study (NLP) April 2016
SUB34 Impact of proposed changes to permitted development rights for RBKC (TBR) February 2013
SUB35 Office Market Commentary in RBKC (Frost Meadowcroft) February 2013
SUB36 Commercial Property Study (PBA) March 2013
SUB37 Office Market Review and Viability in the RBKC (Frost Meadowcroft) July 2014
SUB38 Latimer Road W10 Commercial Properties Viability Study (Frost Meadowcroft) April 2015
SUB39 Evidence to inform Article 4 Direction to restrict the future relaxation of planning regulations to allow changes of use from offices to residential (TBR) February 2016
SUB40 Employment Land Need and Availability (ELNA) Background Paper October 2016
  Chapter 32 Better Travel Choices  
SUB41 Policy Formulation Report - Rail Infrastructure May 2017
  Chapter 33 An Engaging Public Realm  
  See above Chapter 29 Policies and Actions regarding Infrastructure and Planning Contributions  
  Chapter 34 Renewing the Legacy  
SUB42 Archaeological Priority Areas Appraisal (Historic England) August 2016
  Chapter 35 Diversity of Housing  
SUB43 Policy Formulation Report - CH1 Increasing Housing Supply May 2017
SUB43.1 Policy Formulation Report - CH1 Increasing Housing Supply October 2017
SUB44 Policy Formulation Report - CH2 Affordable Housing May 2017
SUB45 Policy Formulation Report - CH3 Housing Size Mix and Standards May 2017
SUB46 Policy Formulation Report - CH4 Specific Housing Needs May 2017
SUB47 Policy Formulation Report - CH5 Estate Regeneration May 2017
SUB47.1 Policy Formulation Report - CH5 Estate Regeneration October 2017
SUB48 Policy Formulation Report - CH6 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation May 2017
SUB49 Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) (Cobweb) December 2015
SUB50 The London Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2013 and Appendix 8 (Mayor of London) January 2014
SUB51 Affordable Housing Target: Viability Study (BNP Paribas) June 2015
SUB52 Affordable Housing Payments in Lieu (BNP Paribas) July 2015
SUB53 Affordable Housing Viability Study Update (BNP Paribas) July 2016
SUB54 Affordable Housing Viability Study Update (BNP Paribas) April 2017
SUB55 Homes for Londoners: Draft Affordable Housing and Viability Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) (Mayor of London) November 2016
SUB56 Strategic Considerations for Estate Regeneration Proposals WITHDRAWN October 2016 October 2017
SUB57 Joint Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment (GTANA) December 2016
SUB58 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Site Appraisal Study (GTASAS) Joint Methodology May 2017

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Site Appraisal Study (GTASAS)

May 2017
  Chapter 36 Respecting Environmental Limits  
SUB60 Policy Formulation Report - Climate Change May 2017
SUB61 Policy Formulation Report - Flooding and Drainage May 2017
SUB62 Policy Formulation Report - Waste May 2017
SUB63 Thames Estuary 2100 Local Council Briefing Document (Environment Agency) April 2015
SUB64 Waste Technical Paper for Waste Planning Authorities in the Western Riverside Waste Authority Area (Anthesis) January 2017
  See Chapters 5-27 Places and Site Allocations for Flood Risk Sequential Test (SUB26)  
  Chapter 37 Infrastructure  
  See above Chapter 29 Policies and Actions  
  Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) and Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)  
SUB65 HRA Screening Report December 2015
SUB66 HRA Screening - Natural England Response February 2016
SUB67 IIA Scoping (Stage A) Report December 2015
SUB68 IIA Scoping (Stage A) Report (Updated) August 2016
SUB69 IIA (Stage B) Report (Arcadis) October 2016
SUB70 IIA (Stage C) Report (Arcadis) February 2017
SUB71 IIA (Stage C) Report - Non-Technical Summary (Arcadis) February 2017
SUB72 IIA Report - Submission (Arcadis) May 2017
SUB73 IIA Report - Submission - Non-Technical Summary (Arcadis) May 2017


National guidance on Local Plan examinations is provided below:

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Consultation Summary

Consultation Summary
Name Local Plan Partial Review - Examination
Dates From 5 May 2017 at 00:00 to 30 Mar 2018 at 23:59.
Status Open
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