Local Plan Partial Review Main Modifications - July 2018

Summary of Responses


To which Main Modification does your representation relate?

Please state the relevant reference number that you are commenting on from the LPPR -  Main Modifications document (e.g. MM01) 

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Do you consider the Main Modification is:

Legally compliant? 4 1
Sound? 1 4

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If you consider the Main Modification to be unsound, please identify which test of soundness your representation relates to?

‘Sound’ means: is the Main Modification justified, effective, positively prepared and consistent with national policy?  Further guidance is included in the Council’s guidance note.

Positively prepared? 1 2
Justified? 1 2
Effective? 4
Consistent with national policy? 2

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Please give details of why you consider the Local Plan is not legally compliant or is unsound?

If you wish to support the legal compliance or soundness of the Local Plan,please also use this box to set out your representations.

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Please set out what changes you consider necessary to make the proposed Main Modification legally compliant or sound.

You will need to say why this modification will make the Local Plan legally compliant or sound. It will be helpful if you are able to put forward your suggested revised wording of any policy or text. Please be as precise as possible.

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Do you have any comments on the IIA Addendum in respect of this particular modification?

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Please confirm whether you wish to be notified, using the contact details provided, of any of the following:


The publication of the Planning Inspector’s report into the examination of the LPPR 5
The adoption of the LPPR. 5

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