Local Plan Partial Review – Draft Policies – Regulation 18


The Council is undertaking a Partial Review of its existing Local Plan.

This is the second stage in the Local Plan Partial Review - the 'Draft Policies' consultation.

There are a number of topics that are being reviewed as part of the Local Plan Partial Review including the vision and objectives, places, site allocations, infrastructure and planning contributions, planning enforcement, shops and centres, business uses, arts and cultural uses, hotels, rail infrastructure, archaeology, housing, Gypsy and Traveller accommodation, climate change, flooding, waste and air quality. 

How to respond

The Council very much welcomes your views on the Draft Policies.

The consultation is for six weeks, starting on Friday 28 October 2016 and ending at 11:59 pm on Sunday 11 December 2016. There are two ways to respond:

Consultation documents

Full Document

The document by Chapters and a range of supporting documents for each topic are available below.

Document by Chapter and supporting documents:

Chapters 1-4 Vision and Strategic Objectives [Tracked and Clean]

Chapters 5-27: Places and Site Allocations [Tracked and Clean]

Chapter 28: Proposals Map [Tracked]

Chapter 29: Policies and Actions [Tracked and Clean]

Infrastructure Delivery and Planning Contributions

Planning Enforcement

  • See above Chapters 1-4 Vision and Strategic Objectives for supporting background documents relating to Planning Enforcement

Chapter 31: Fostering Vitality [Tracked and Clean]

Shops and Centres

Business Uses

Arts and Cultural Uses


  • IO Consultation - Business uses and hotels - Schedule (November 2014 Q4) and Summary

Chapter 32: Better Travel Choices [Tracked and Clean]

 Rail Infrastructure

Chapter 33: An Engaging Public Realm [Tracked and Clean]

Planning Contributions for Public Art and Open Space

  • See above Chapter 29 Policies and Actions for supporting background documents relating to Planning Contributions for Public Art and Open Space

Chapter 34: Renewing the Legacy [Tracked and Clean]


Chapter 35: Diversity of Housing [Tracked and Clean]


Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation

Chapter 36: Respecting Environmental Limits [Tracked and Clean]

Climate Change

Flooding and Drainage


Air Quality

Chapter 37: Infrastructure [Tracked and Clean]

  • See above Chapter 29 Policies and Actions for supporting background documents relating to Infrastructure

Chapters 38-44 Other Supporting Information [Tracked and Clean]

  • Chapter 38: Monitoring
  • Chapter 39: Contingencies and Risks for Site Allocations
  • Chapter 40: Housing Trajectory and Supporting Information
  • Chapter 41: Policy Replacement Schedule
  • Chapter 42: Town Centre Maps
  • Chapter 43: Evidence Base
  • Chapter 44: Relationship to the Community Strategy

Chapter 45: Glossary [Tracked and Clean]

Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)

Discussion Groups

A number of Discussion Group events have been organised as part of the consultation. Due to limited capacity, please register your attendance by emailing planningpolicy@rbkc.gov.uk with the details of which event(s) you would like to attend. If this is not possible please feel free to come along anyway.







Friday   2 December


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Flooding   Steering Group



This consultation has now closed.


  • Opened
    28 Oct 2016 at 00:00
  • Closed
    11 Dec 2016 at 23:59