Enterprise Core Strategy Review - Issues and Options

 This is the first phase of consultation on a review of the Core Strategy enterprise planning policies. This review is intended both as an examination of our planning policies that relate to business uses and an investigation of how the Borough might become more business friendly.

This document does not set out proposed revisions to the existing policies – that comes later in the process. Instead it sets out what we see as the main issues, and offers some options to address these. We want your views at this early stage – have we identified the right issues? Are there aspects that we have missed?

This is your opportunity to say what you think: we want to hear your views on if, and how, our employment land planning policies should be altered and what should be done to encourage business in the Borough. 

The consultation will run from 16 October to 27 November 2012.

You will be able to see a summary of all the comments received on the Council’s website: www.rbkc.gov.uk/planningpolicy

shortly after the consultation has closed.

We are also reviewing other aspects of the Core Strategy. To find out more about these reviews please see: ww.rbkc.gov.uk/planningconsultations

Next steps

The Council had intended to develop a set of draft policies concerning B class business uses, in the early part of 2013, with an examination hoped in the autumn of 2013. However in January 2013 the Government announced its intention to change planning regulations to remove the need for planning permission for the conversion of offices to residential. The Council has submitted representations to the Government for a Borough-wide exemption to these rules. These are available to view here. We expect to hear whether our submission is successful “in the Spring”. Given the ability, or otherwise, to protect office uses will have far reaching implications on the Council’s future policies, the Enterprise review will be delayed until the results of the consultation are known.




This consultation has now closed.

Enterprise Issues and Options is superseded by the Local Plan Partial Review, for more information visit the Local Plan Partial Review webpage at:https://www.rbkc.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning-policy/local-plan/local-plan



  • Opened
    16 Oct 2012 at 00:00
  • Closed
    27 Nov 2012 at 23:59

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