Courtfield Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum Applications

Neighbourhood Planning is a community right that was brought in by the Localism Act 2011. It allows qualifying community groups the opportunity to set land use and development policies for a defined neighbourhood area. The Council is consulting residents, businesses and interested parties on an application to designate a new neighbourhood area located predominantly within the Courtfield Ward of the Royal Borough. A second associated application submitted by a local community group seeks to be recognised as a Neighbourhood Forum.  If successful, the new Neighbourhood Forum would be the responsible body for bringing forward a neighbourhood plan for the Courtfield Neighbourhood Area.

Courtfield Neighbourhood Area Application

This application seeks to designate a new neighbourhood area in the Royal Borough.  If the application is accepted, the area within the red line boundary shown below will form the Courtfield Neighbourhood Area. The vision, objectives and policies of any future Courtfield Neighbourhood Plan will apply to this area. This application has been made by an organisation known as the Courtfield Neighbourhood Forum. More information on the community group's reasons for deciding upon this boundary is available in their application form below.

Courtfield Neighbourhood Area1

Courtfield Neighbourhood Forum Application

A second associated application has been submitted by a community group. This group is seeking to be designated officially as a Neighbourhood Forum that would be the responsible body for drafting and publicising a Neighbourhood Plan for Courtfield Neighbourhood Area.

If the Council accepts this application to designate this community group as the Neighbourhood Forum for the Courtfield Neighbourhood Area no other organisation or body may be designated for that neighbourhood area until this designation expires or is withdrawn.

Further information on Neighbourhood Planning is available on the Council's Website.

If you wish to make comments or representations on either the Courtfield Neighbourhood Area Application or on the Courtfield Neighbourhood Plan Application follow the link below:

Response to the Consultation

This consultation has now closed.


  • Opened
    4 Apr 2017 at 12:00
  • Closed
    16 May 2017 at 23:59

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