Basement Review Draft policy and other measures for public consultation

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Response Date 06 Feb 2013

I write in support of the excellent document referred above.


I write as a chartered Structural Engineer and Building Surveyor experienced in Party Wall matters, having dealt with hundreds of basements either as a design engineer or equally as an “advising Engineer” to the party wall profession acting for neighbours of such developments.


I have written various papers on basements and the specific issues arising from “ Special Foundations “ (Party wall term frequently referred to in section 10 of the report)) ie when reinforced concrete underpinning is used to support a party wall but is integral with the developers building.


The Institution of Structural Engineers have asked that I write a book on this all important subject as untold damage is already being caused by joining up our terraces of houses in this complex way, creating future dangers and future redundancy via limitation regarding how our terraces housing stock can subsequently be developed. Unfortunately the party wall profession has not adequately dealt with the matter of Special Foundations and the industry struggles to understand them since the legislation dates from the 1930 and 1939 London building Acts, when today’s “integral” basements were probably not anticipated.