Portobello Court SuDS project

In 2019, the Council successfully secured funding from the Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee to reduce flood risk in North Kensington. Under this scheme Portobello Court has been chosen as a potential site for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) because of its open space and location. The project has three phases: draft design, detailed design and construction (which will last about three months). 

The project consists on diverting rainwater from some roofs and from Westbourne Grove road, taking it to enhanced garden areas in Aston, Archer and Denbigh houses and from there to an attenuation storage built under the MUGA. This will reduce pressure in the existing sewer as rain water will not go directly into the sewer and both, its volume and speed reaching the sewer will be lowered. The recent flooding event in the Borough shows how important natural drainage projects are. The project will not only help reduce flooding in the local area. It will also bring many benefits to the estate such as enhanced green areas, a new MUGA and improved drainage.

The draft design can be seen in the project document below. In June 2021 we held three public consultation events to gather residents' views on the design. Their feedback will be taken into the final design. We also conducted a residents' vote from the 2 August until the 10 September 2021, through which residents voted for the project to go ahead.

Before the vote, we pledged that we will expand the project to include the north of Londsdale House and improve its drainage through increased permeable surfaces to help natural drainage. The section of the railings which needs to be removed during construction will be fully reinstated. We will develop the final design and include your comments regarding the location and type of vegetation. We will also continue to work with housing colleagues to ensure funding efficiencies. The final design will be shared with residents before construction takes place.

If you have any questions on the project please email us at planningpolicy@rbkc.gov.uk. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 7361 3012  and ask for Patricia Cuervo or Benjamin James in the Planning Policy team. 


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