New Local Plan Review: Issues and Options

The New Local Plan Review

This Issues and Options document is the second stage of drafting the NLPR. We are not required by regulations to produce this document at this time. We have chosen to do so as it gives residents and local businesses an opportunity to help shape the NLPR before any definite policies are written.

We consulted in September 2020 asking about the issues New Local Plan Review (NLPR) must address. We have considered the responses we received and the emerging evidence and have now included realistic options to address these issues.

This Issues paper can be viewed here.

This document raises what we think may be the main issues to be addressed by the new Local Plan. What should be our driving vision? Which parts of our existing Local Plan work? Which bits don’t? How do we translate the Government’s inclusive growth agenda into “good growth” for the Borough so that we channel the right development of the right scale in the right locations?

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What is a Local Plan?

The Local Plan sets out the vision for future development in the borough over a 20 year period and includes the planning policies to help achieve this vision. It can do so by identifying locations that are suitable for good growth as well as for conservation and by setting clear guidelines for appropriate land uses, form and design of development. The aim is to achieve good accessible placemaking that protects and improves resident’s health and well-being, provides good quality homes, enhances the economy and environment. 

NLPR timetable


The Council has commissioned a number of new pieces of evidence to help inform the new Local Plan.

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Some are complete but others are still at the draft stage. They may include initial findings or have sections which have yet to have been completed  We think it is useful to share these with you at an early stage so you can understand our thinking.  These draft reports may change.

Employment Land and Premises Study. DRAFT. Iceni Projects (July 2021)  

Greening Issues: AECOM (July 2021)

NLPR: Interim Viability Study. DRAFT. BNP Paribas (July 2021)

Local Housing Needs Assessment. Interim Report. Cobweb (July 2021)

Local Housing Needs Assessment. Interim Report.  Executive Summary. Cobweb (July 2021)

Integrated Impact Assessment Scoping Report

The Council is carrying out an Integrated Impact Assessment to consider the impact that the proposed Local Plan will have upon a set of environmental and social economic objectives. It also considers possible health and equality impacts. 

This scoping report is the first stage. It sets out the scope and level of detail that will be included in the IIA. Please let us know if you agree with this scope, or need to do things differently.

You can view the IIA Scoping report here.

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The IIA will meet the requirements of separate Sustainability Appraisal (SA), Strategic Impact Assessment (SEA), Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and Equality Impact Assessment (EIA).

Lead Member for Planning, Place and Environment on the New Local Plan Review

The consultation closed at 11:59pm on 4 October 2021


This is the easiest way to respond and allows us to quickly consider any of the comments made. 


Email or post

Fill in the response form available as a word document from the link below and email it to or post it to:

NLPR Issues and Options Consultation

Planning Policy

Planning and Place

Town Hall

Hornton Street

London W8 7NX

GiveMyView Poll

We ran a survey for those who would prefer to give a quick view on the key issues. People could participate using the link below.

Participate in the survey


SCI cover

The consultation is now closed but the following virtual consultation events were available. People could join by  sending an email to and indicating which event they wanted to attend. At these events talked through the key issues covered in the document and heard your views.

  • Issues and Options Event 1: Thursday 16 September, 6pm-8pm (Now merged with event of 23rd September and to be held on that date) 
  • Issues and Options Event 2: Thursday 23 September, 6pm-8pm

In addition we will had officers available for 15 minute, 1-2-1 conversations with you on the following dates in particular to have focused conversations by different areas of the Borough. The list of areas was indicative and anyone could attend. Please could let us know if they were interested by sending an email to

  • North Kensington, Kensal, Portobello, Golborne (Borough North) conversations: Monday 6 September, 2pm - 4pm (Registration now closed)
  • Kensington, Notting Hill Gate (Borough Central) conversations: Wednesday 8 September, 2pm - 4pm (Registration now closed)
  • South Kensington, Knightsbridge, King's Road, Chelsea Conversations (Borough South): Wednesday 15 September, 10 am - 12 pm (Registration now closed)

Responses to Issues paper

We received a large number of responses to September's Issues paper, some through conventional means and some through our social media polls.

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Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening

Council has carried out a "Habitats Assessment Screening" to assess the impact that the emerging policies will have upon nearby habitats. 

You can view the document here.

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    26 Jul 2021 at 15:00
  • Closed
    4 Oct 2021 at 23:59