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Response Date 31 Jan 2013

In its defined neighbourhood the ONA has experienced developments with subterranean excavations in and aroundSelwood Place, and the proposed deep excavation at Park House,Pelham Street, is also in its neighbourhood.  But the greater part of the ONA neighbourhood has Victorian terrace houses laterally converted into flats with communal gardens protected by the London Squares Preservation Act 1932.  This greater part of the ONA neighbourhood has been free of proposals for subterranean excavation.  It has, however, had a number of cases where extensive internal alteration of a flat, including the total or lateral removal of an internal wall or walls, has produced the same consequences for flats on higher floors or otherwise adjacent as subterranean excavation.   In particular, there has been one instance in the ONA neighbourhood where demolition of an internal wall produced an immediate drop (of about one foot) of the floor above.  Fortunately the flat above was being prepared for complete internal redecoration at the time and all its furniture had been removed and its usual occupants had gone away, so that no contents were damaged or persons injured.  In less fortunate circumstances, that incident could have had horrific consequences.


The ONA would therefore like to invite the Council, once it has completed its present review of subterranean excavation, to undertake a corresponding review of the regulation of major internal alteration of multi-storey buildings divided into residential flats.