Basement Review Draft policy and other measures for public consultation

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Response Date 31 Jan 2013

Paragraphs 34.3.74/75/76 propose the preparation of a Basement Impact Assessment prior to submitting a planning application. Our comments are as follows:


-                 It is proposed that any planning application for a basement must include a Demolition and Construction Management Plan (DCMP) and a Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) and that these need to be approved by the Bi-Borough Director of Environmental Health and the Bi-Borough Director of Transportation and Highways respectively prior to the application being determined.  It is foreseeable that neither department will publish active applications for stakeholders to comment on.  These may also affect the decision period of 8 weeks (or 13 weeks) set by statute therefore increasing uncertainty in relation to timeframe.

-                 It is unrealistic to expect an applicant to develop a fully specified scheme and engage a building contractor, at risk, prior to submission. In many circumstances it might become necessary that a CTMP or DCMP needs to be altered slightly after planning approval is granted.  Under the current proposals it would become necessary to re-engage in the complicated two-stage planning application process at departmental and Council level.

-                 The cost of an application for any basement development will increase substantially.  Whereas most applicants applying for large and deep basements will be able to afford this increase it will not be viable to apply for basements under smaller properties where the need for additional space is perhaps even greater and the addition of a basement would add much to the amenity and long term sustainability of the property.