Basement Review Draft policy and other measures for public consultation

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Document Section Basement Review Draft policy and other measures for public consultation 2- Review of the Core Strategy CL7 g [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 31 Jan 2013

Basements Core Strategy Review

Sustainable Urban Drainage Measures - Supporting Text 34.3.72 and Policy CL7 g.

There appears to be a minor inconsistency in the language regarding the requirement for sustainable drainage systems in basement developments.   While the supporting text in section 34.2.72 notes that “In addition to the 1m permeable soil other sustainable urban drainage measures are likely to be (emphasis added) required”, Policy CL7 section g. notes that “The development must include (emphasis added) a sustainable urban drainage scheme including a minimum of one metre of permeable soil above any part of the basement beneath a garden”.

Metropolis Green supports measures to ensure the management of surface water runoff in line with best practice.  However, as we have noted previously, in our experience the ability to reduce surface water runoff is often limited by the size of the permeable area of the majority of sites undergoing basement development.   We suggest that greater flexibility and clarity is provided in this regard in Policy CL7 g., with clarification of what sustainable drainage techniques the Royal Borough will accept.  For example, where infiltration and the use of permeable paving is not feasible given the size of a site, are rainwater harvesting or attenuation systems deemed suitable if implemented in line with the SUDS hierarchy to the extent possible?